New Federal Grant Opportunities

The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) invites applicants to submit proposals and applications for construction and technical assistance projects that advance economic development. EDA can support the construction of new public assets or the renovation of existing public assets that support job creation or job retention.  Additionally, EDA provides resources to help communities with technical assistance projects that help inform economic development decisions. 

Proposals and Applications are accepted throughout the year.  

To discuss potential projects and learn more, please contact Hillary Sherman at 404.730.3013 or

Rural Broadband Grants

USDA is accepting applications through its Community Connect Grant Program to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to eligible applicants that will provide service at the Broadband Grant Speed to all premises in currently unserved, lower-income, and extremely rural areas. RUS will give priority to rural areas that demonstrate the greatest need for broadband services, based on defined criteria.

The deadline for proposals is May 14. 

To learn more about this opportunity, please go to

EDA invites applications for construction and technical assistance projects that will advance economic development objectives