Manufacturing Facility Bringing 22 More Jobs to Greene County

December 22, 2016

Former NCGrowth client, Home Elevator & Lift Product LLC is investing nearly $560,000 in an expansion that will create 22 new jobs in Greene County. The expansion, which was announced Friday, involves producing and servicing passenger elevators such as chair lifts for homes. Home Elevator was founded in 1995 and holds numerous patents. It currently […] More

NCGrowth Hosts Networking Lunch & Tour at Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery

September 01, 2016

NCGrowth hosted a networking lunch and tour of Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery on August 11th in Elizabethtown. Business and local government clients, community resource providers, state government representatives and NCGrowth Analysts hired from UNC-Pembroke, Duke, NC State, NC Central and UNC-Chapel Hill attended. More

NCGrowth Hires Ten Analysts from Four NC Universities

September 01, 2016

The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of NCGrowth welcomed a new group of ten Analysts this summer from UNC-Pembroke, North Carolina State University, Duke University, and North Carolina Central University. Analysts are graduate students hired for their previous experience and skills they can bring to bear on economic development projects with local government or technical assistance to growing businesses in North Carolina. Their work experience and interests range but they all share a passion for sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship. More

UNC-Pembroke Works with NCGrowth to Catalyze Regional Economic Development

September 01, 2016

UNC-Pembroke’s administration is working to enhance the school’s sustainability practices and increase its involvement with the local community. In coordination with the Chancellor’s office, the acting dean of the UNCP Business School, Dr. William Stewart Thomas, engaged NCGrowth to research and recommend possible avenues for UNCP to use its resources to deepen their engagement with the local economy. Analysts Meredith Bunnel and Brandi Bullock worked on the project. More

P&A Industrial Fabrications Improves Plant Efficiencies with Help from NCGrowth

September 01, 2016

P & A Industrial Fabrications, located in Roxboro, NC, manufacturers premium woven fabrics, primarily paint roller fabric. NCGrowth analyst Anirudh Shenoy, a master’s student in Industrial Engineering at NCSU, worked with P & A to help streamline their plant processes. More

Enhanced-Push to Talk (E-PTT) Launches this Fall

September 01, 2016

NCGrowth worked on the launch of a new business, Enhanced-Push to Talk over the summer. E-PTT offers clients the opportunity to significantly elevate their mobility services. NCCU MBA candidate, Patrick Mosley worked on the project in a variety of capacities. More

NCGrowth Assists the Coharie Tribe’s River Restoration Efforts

September 01, 2016

NCGrowth is working with the Coharie Tribe in Sampson and Harnett counties to help formalize their existing river restoration work into a business. In recent years the Coharie Intra-Tribal Council (CITC) has taken responsibility for environmental restoration work along the Coharie River which runs through Sampson County. River restoration is a priority for the Tribe as the river is valued as a place for Tribal members to connect with their history and heal from historic trauma, as well as for recreation and tourism. More

Epoch Rain Barrels and NCGrowth Examine Business Growth Barrier

September 01, 2016

Epoch Rain Barrels (ERB) is a company dedicated to collecting and conserving rainwater to nourish sustainable gardens and help make our world a better place. Epoch is an environmentally-friendly, ethically and socially conscious company providing products that support a more “People-Friendly, Earth-Friendly” lifestyle. Specifically, ERB manufactures upcycled rain barrels, available in two sizes and styles, by repurposing high-quality food-grade container drums, previously destined for the landfill. NCGrowth analyst Madison Gilbert researched shipping and distribution options for the business. More

Folding Boat Co. Conducts Targeted Focus Groups with NCGrowth

September 01, 2016

The Folding Boat Company manufactures a folding skin-on-frame boat that comes in a backpack. It weighs just 21 pounds and takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. NCGrowth analyst Casey Strange helped the business implement a survey of potential customers and held focus groups for a targeted audience. More

The Bath Place to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

September 01, 2016

The Bath Place in Rocky Mount is a family-owned small business founded by Kimberly Thigpen. They manufacture handcrafted, spa quality natural bath and body products using natural and organic ingredients. Products are sold in their downtown Rocky Mount retail shop, Wholefoods, farmers’ markets, and online. NCGrowth worked with The Bath Place to address business issues preventing future growth for the company. Analyst Brittney Henry made recommendations for a crowdfunding campaign to finance expansion into a larger manufacturing space, researched city partnership opportunities, and assisted with research on potential real estate acquisitions in downtown Rocky Mount. More